Can'T Hide In The Substances

Its been so long
Since I have had the comfort of your arms
A mothers love cannot be replaced
Not by anything, least of all this

The drugs over loaded in my veins
Alcohol numbs the pain
Drift into nightmare speckled sleep
Wishing she were here to comfort me

Light up another cigarette
Take a long drag, hold my breathe
Inhale so deeply, my lungs burning
For her I seem to be yearning

Its been so long
Since I have played in your heart
A mothers love cannot be replaced
Not by the substances that make the mind race

I find I am tired of
Always running away
And attempting to hide
In what only brings more pain

Nothing will ever be
The same again
When you told me you were done
And I chose to walk away

And now I feel the longing
Something pulling me away
From what Ive chosen, this place
Every time I dream I see her face

Its been so long
Since I have known your art
A mothers love cannot be replaced
Nothing fills the heart, its empty space

Bittersweet freedom
Or another form of prison
Take a trip with the acid
Another loss, so tragic

Body awakens, becomes inflamed
Fine white powder makes the day
But after the high, nothing will change
Go and hide in the empty space

Its been so long
Since Ive been gone
A mothers love Ive missed
As I succumb to the substances

by Guarded Heart

Comments (2)

Very well expressed, Guarded Heart. We all have our little 'escapes' from the pain and sorrow... but that which hurt us in the first place cannot be replaced. I'm glad you recognize that substances cannot replace that which you miss. Wishing you peace and so much love, my friend. Lesa
You are so right, we must try not to abuse the body especially when the heart is in mid-process of healing Love duncan X