Mrs Moon

Poem By Roger McGough

The only time I loved you, truly,
was the first time we met.
You caught my heart there
and my life spun before my eyes.
What I would do to relive these feelings
and reenact these memories…
You betrayed me, three times,
each time stabbing my heart with greater force,
is this the love you feel?
A love that soaks the other person
until they are incapable and damaged?
Well, you’ve achieved it, sir.
But I can’t lie,
it is all my stupid fault,
for even giving you three chances to break me
for opening my half broken heart to you
expecting that you could heal it,
and instead I got the opposite, full force.
I can’t lie,
but the letter I wrote you last contained
feelings I didn’t feel.
I just wanted to make you think I loved you too,
that’s what you wanted after all.
I regret writing that letter, regret making you feel good
while you’re tearing me the hell apart.
I thought I finally found someone who loves me,
but I’ve come to learn love does not exist for me.

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