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Can'T Make The Cut

Seems in this world nothing is ever good enough
Nothing can be up to par to what they want
Even when your life is tough
No one will care about you rather what they want

They will ask for the world
In return, nothing but pain
They do things that help themselves
You are nothing but a stain

They will act like they care
Until the day you ask for a favor in return
Then you will find that they are not there
A lesson we all need to learn

God help me in this world
Friends dont give a damn
And my enemies seem to care more about me
Where did i go wrong?

Is it too much to ask for a caring friend?
Is that so much to ask of the world...to find one who does not pretend to care?
To find a person who will pick me up when they others bring me down?
Is this too much?

One day I will not be on this earth and some of them will still remain
Will I be a friend?
Or do i still remain a stain in their life?
Hold on to the ones who care and never let them go

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