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Can’t Promise Anything
(1965 / Abor, Volta Region, Ghana)

Can’t Promise Anything

Poem By Padmore Enyonam Agbemabiese

I can't promise you roses
which bloom of brilliant red
but I promise, when you need me
as much as possible
I will be here for you

I can't promise you perfection
for perfection I am not
I am like the rose
thorns are all I've got
and tears are what I know

I can't promise you wealth
with money to shower away
the old pains that engulf you
but I can give you my love
to share throughout each day

I can't promise you the stars
for they are out of my reach
but I can show you how to walk
gently through your stormy nights
I’ll hold your hands till we cross the Gibraltar

I can't promise total happiness
and never a tear in your eye
but I can give you my word
that in every way I will try
to listen and wipe the tears you shed

I can't promise eternal life
for this is not mine to give
but I can promise you something
to love and support you
everyday in which we live

so you see I am not the best
and I'm not leaps above the rest
but then you will never know
until you've put me to the test
when we reach the edge of the river

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This poem says it all! Great job!