JG (8/26/90 / New Windsor, NY)

Can'T Seem To Keep Her

Tried and tried to hold on for as long as
possible. To have her for all of time. To
live and die as one. But I can't seem to
keep her. Days and days have gone by
when we haven't spoke a single word to
one another. I can just remember exactly
how I left her. Long brown hair that reached
just passed her shoulders, that matched a
pair of brown eyes. Such a pair not understood
by many. Not even I could understand what
she was about. But I still wanted her. A sexy
smile that no one in their right mind could
ignore. The sweetest voice that I can't seem
to forget because it's so soothing. Just to
hear her say my name brought me to my
knees. My beautiful angel how could I have
let you go so easy.

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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