LM (02/09/81 / Australia)

Can'T Seem To Write Today.

I seem to have gotten writter's block,
my well of rhyme,
my sence of time,
my creativity seems stopped.

But my heart has so much to say,
yet my well's run dry,
and no matter how hard i try,
i just can't seem to write today.


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Like the idea. 'Can't seem to write today.' is a good poem considering what you 'haven't' written can be seen. LOL...OH is 'sence' correctly place? I've seen it spelled 'since'. BUT, afterall, 'can't seem...' says it.
Chill! It happens at time. Just understand that when you are not writing your mind is only preparing itself for new ideas.. Am quoting Vikram Seth here, 'Just because a land remains fallow for a few months, doesn't mean it cannot produce anything...' The writer's mind is also like that. Relax; when your mind is ready, the words will pour out inspite of you! :) Am telling this out of experience., so you can trust me.