Can'T Set You Free

The sun is somewhere but it isnt that far
I only thought and never reacted
Cause I was afraid it wouldn't last

I have so much to give
but so little to recieve
So im afraid
and I stay in my place

What am i going to do to make you change?

I went through the things you went through

So we have something to talk about
It landed me and you here

What else can Karma give?
I didn't do anything but be me
and Im unforgiven and slaughtered happily
Isn't that what everyone wants to see?
Me the victim?

How can I make it?
How can I possibly survive this life?

But then I look at you
and it's all it takes
My life isn't complete without you

I love you and I can't set you free
I can't set you free
cause your what I need

I need you this time
I got rid of everyone else and made a place for you

I can't set you free
I can't.................

by ice johnson

Comments (2)

And nor should you Ice! We all need someone to love in your hearts and minds, even if not in person. Love is all it takes to keep going. And I will never set my love free! ever. Great poem. 10 from Tai, making it a favourite.
uv made my eyes teary in here..know what.. used to hold on to someone too... but one day i realize, he is no longer happy with me... though its really really painful, i must let him go.. now, am about to leave i call home.. the main reason, move on! nice poem ice! =)