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Can'T Stop Loving You No Matter How Bad You Are

Why Why Why
Why am I still loving you
When I truely know your just a liar
Deep emotions builds up from within
Because of the negative things you did to me
I put up with it all because I love you
They said I was stupid for being with you
For doing everything for you
For doing everything I can so I can be with you
But little did I care for the things they said
At the end it this what Im getting
The coldness when you speak
The lies behind those words for yours
Please stop lying and tell me you don't love me
Because right now Im also lying to myself that you love me...

Date: Saturday 21st November 2009

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That's incredible. That's exactly how I feel right now. I know this so well. I also know it's probably the worst feeling in the world. You expressed this so well. I just love it.
Love drives you crazy and makes you blind.