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Can'T They Be Kind Enough?

I cannot understand
Why some foreigners detest Filipinos
They call them names
And humiliate them in public
Some questioned the race
Even questioned the name of the country
Did they ever wonder
That the Philippines sent missionaries
To every corner of the earth
As doctors, nurses, educators, and caregivers
As engineers, skilled workers, artists and singers
Did they ever wonder
What contributions have these Filipinos
Made to their fellow human beings abroad?
Did they not touch hearts
With the services they rendered
Did they not give enough of themselves
To be fruitful and productive
If there are any bad guys
Aren’t there any bad guys too in other countries?
I am a Filipino and I am proud to be one
I love my country, it is beautiful like a maiden
And my heart is just as vulnerable
To get hurt by unkind writings and sayings
Some aliens made
Against my country and my countrymen..
Can’t they be kind enough?

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