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Can'T Wait
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

Can'T Wait

So hard to say a couple words
love, the hardest feeling to articulate
a feeling long gone today, yet in my heart she remains
don't ask me to forget... i do fret i long for her!
I ardently desire to hold her hand in mine and sing her my song
Now i speak clearly to you darling, i want to stay with you forever
my ties with you i shall never sever
i love you more than you know
i see that you reap what you sow
i would sow nearly anything to be with you
do you love me too?
yes or no.... i feel as if i can't wait
but i will wait till the end of time
i will sing you rhyme after rhyme
until i am yours and you are mine

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aww david that is so sweet! i loved it..! ~Hazel