HA ( / Canada)

Can'T Wait Forever

I’m done with these mind games.
Your hot& cold,
And baby it’s getting old.
I love you,
But i gotta move on.
Easier said than done.
But if all we’ll ever be is friends,
Let me know.
I love you baby,
But for my own good; i gotta let you go.
Again, easier said than done.
Why do I want you,
Why am I in love?
Your not perfect,
Far from.
But you are to me,
That’s love.
Show me your faults,
Break my heart.
Do anything,
Tear me apart.
I can’t stand waiting.
I don’t have forever.
I love you baby,
But eventually there will be another.
I would wait for you forever,
But it’s not good for me.
To get my hopes up,
Just to wait for you to finally see.
I love you baby.
You can’t see a good thing,
Even right before your eyes.
Your hypnotized.
Your a guy.

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wow u leave me with no words to describe this..beautiful and honest write..amazing poem dear friend