Can'T You Guess?

all through the storm
my boat was battered
tossed about by the waves
during the blackest of dawns

but haven’t you thought
about the moonrise at sea
all silvery rays
sitting upon me

and maybe sometimes
my face is a mess
but i ask you
don’t you think it is time

and yes,
yes i couldn’t find
my jeans
so i threw on a dress
is that such a crime,
i ask
i ask

can’t you guess?

do you not see through
my buoyant smile
as it bounces around
like the morning dew

don’t your eyes detect my lies?
can they not see
the pain of my cries?

and all the time
i am
to explain
how i hurt

how i hurt

how my soul
is splintered


i said,

can’t you guess?

by R. L. Allen

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