Can'T You Hear The Cry?

Can't you hear the innocent cry of those souls of courage,
Trapped beneath the wreckage?
For whom time seems to have stopped or fled,
The dark core is killing them before they are dead.

It is not Mother Nature's taking revenge,
The effect of some people's greed, a reckless negligence,
Thinking about themselves only,
Gone they are right after the adversity.

Humanity is not yet dead,
The angels are working during day and night being sad,
Saving lives, upholding hopes, though a bit austere,
As the victims' worlds will not be as they were before.

Some are history and others divorce life, regular,
The event shall haunt them being a living nightmare,
Crying will accompany them constantly,
Unless something is done for their welfare quickly.

They are a part of the wheel runners of the country,
We do not want to see others to play with their destiny,
Each of their sweat drops should matter,
Please save lives and let them dream of a future, better.

by Md. Ziaul Haque

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