BH (05 28 92 / lowell ma)

Can'T You Just Love Me?

you and i are just friends
and i hope this friendship never ends
cuz i can feel something starting
but i dont think you do

well, i want you
but i, cant have you
and if i, cant have
i just dont want to go on

cuz without you
im not, completed and now i
know, i want to open this door
and have more.

when you walk into this room
my heart goes into zoom [boom boom]
i swear you dont see me staring
but i bet you can see me right through

dont you see the fire in my eyes
i dont get like this aroung other guys
and every little thing you do just turns me on
why the hell do you think im writting this song...

..for you!

i want you
and i gotta have you
and if i dont have you
i dont want to go on

cuz i need you
you complete me, yeah
there's no erason for us to not be...

cant you just love me? ?

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