Can'T You See

Can't you see how I'm living
Can't you see how I'm dying
When will you stop your lying
I have not been free
For eternity
Can't you see I need to make a plea
Must I make a plea
Why can't you see
Why can't you see
Just let me be
Just let me die
And you will not sigh
How much longer will it take
For the devil's sake
How long can you confine me
Why can't you see
Why can't you see
Just look into my eyes
Cause death defies
The only man that lies
You have taken my heart
And stopped the pumping in it
You have destroyed everything I have
My courage, my love, my devotion
But most of all my soul
But I still have my hate
Now I can retaliate
You must let me go now
Cause you don't give a damn about me
You've made me so hateful
You must die
And so must I

by David Cuff

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