Can'T You See That I'M Trying So Hard?

when i saw you stand there
with the sun
blue sky and smiley wind
knock, knock
let me in
to your soul
as time goes by
give your arms that i can lay on
and bang! ! !
everything just blooming
in the hard rain
let me fly
with your soul
when feel cracking with the heart
you will see the very salty tears
from mine
and yours
and then we keep silent
knock, knock,
let me in
to your anger
the season change
but the ocean still give me the wave
to let you know
about heart
into deep
fears of losing
in many years
and then you tide me tight
instead of holding on
when i saw you
but without the sun
just stand
in the dark aisle
come to me
and let me give you
our beautiful memories
million of it
so you wont feel
like you lose me
coz i've been tried so hard
for you


by Rani Caesara

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Very touching Rani, I know this feeling ALL too well... Good for you!