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Can'T Yussy? ? ? (Can'T You See? ? ?)
AAA Albashir Adam Alhassan (3rd March 1985 / Kano)

Can'T Yussy? ? ? (Can'T You See? ? ?)

To have a true love you know it takes two,
But the two finally get back as one,
My heart's answers have always been Yu,
The persistent question is who do I want,
What about sitting with Yu to watch the sky turn blue,
Or witness a flower growing out from its plant?

The love you shower on me only compares to the day I was born,
I want to tell Yu how I feel but I usually get speechless,
They say you never know what you have with you till it's gone,
But I want to tell Yu that I fully know Yu are priceless,
So I can only let you go the day my demise will be mourned,
For I can't afford to spend a day more without your tenderness.

Your pretty smile can melt a snow,
I get overwhelmed anytime you flash it at me,
Your gorgeous looks make me want to take a bow,
Your only gentleMAN is what I always wish to be,
And whenever you talk to me with that flow,
Ohhh... How my heart races from Earth to Mercury.

Let me be your knight even without an armory,
Yu know having your kids is the greatest pleasure,
I'll fight for Yu till I exhaust my battery,
For there's no one like Yu whom I treasure,
Yu have colonized my thoughts and my memory,
And I sincerely appreciate Yu beyond measure.

Every night I foresee us together,
I cant stop dreaming 'bout how my future will be,
Laughter, holding hands, caring for each other,
Missing Yu is something I dread to feel,
With Yu by my side my life feels complete and better,
I love Yu, I mean it, believe me.

I want to say it to the universe and even plus,
To every lady feeling dope and sexy,
Whether you attend a church or a mosque,
I don't really care if you are rich, young or classy,
A loving relationship can never work for us,
I'm in it with the love of my life, can't Yussy?

Dedicated to: Yusrah, T. A.

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sounds familiar rather watch richard dawson or rod serling or especially burgess meredith