Can There Be A Second Term?

of a truth, the sun in the sky can still make hay dry;
but why must you boast of drying the hays morrow?
can there be a morrow without a now?
you amuse me so strong, oh mr kaftan!
even the angels burst into halleluya song,
at the echo of your unplanned plans.
in wonder and asked in wonder- -
can there be a second term?

ah, mr hat!
i only pray you can see the most pertinents and-
amidst the distractables, that you might act undistracted.
the little ones coming behind recognizes you
even the geriatric group have an imprint of you on their brains;
the youths yell out your misfits all over the pathways- -
and the question thunders on & on in all hearts:
can there be a better second term?

oh, mr “One-Nigeria“!
this fire on the mountain can be quenched now,
if you ask for wisdom like the wise philosopher-Solomon.
there may not be an easy access to a morrow,
but still, the present-now, can be the only term we needeed;
especially in a moment like this - to put an end to all misfits!

of a truth, there may never be a second term.

by Meshack Dasco

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