BA (10/13/89 / Maryland)

Can U See?

~ ~ ~
Look deep inside me,
Tell me what you see,
On the outside,
I fake like I'm happy,
But am I really?
~ ~ ~
Hear the music?
The melody that plays in my head?
Over and over,
That's the beat I go by,
Again and again.
~ ~ ~
Tell me,
Is this soul worth saving?
Ever to be renewed?
Broken and tinted,
Non immaculate forever.
~ ~ ~
Can you see all the anguish I hold?
Do you understand my consternation's?
Being indicted for something I have not done,
Inaudibly to all,
Knowing I'm unintelligible to many.
: : end: :

written: 2/18/06

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A refined poetic imagination, Broken A. You may like to read my poem, Love And. Thank you.
My philosophy is not my own but shared by many: If you see the smallest flicker of light blow on the embers a plane may land tonight.