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Can We Revisit The Raft?
MN (11-08-1970 / )

Can We Revisit The Raft?

Poem By Mary Nagy

Remember that old raft
in the middle of the lake?
We'd swim out there together
and see how long we'd take.

I loved to hide underneath it
as the chain held us in place.
We knew they wouldn't find us
in our secret little space.

I remember how I felt then.
I would tremble in your hands.
I had found my piece of heaven
below the raft, above the sand.

I need just a reminder
of the passion from the past.
Why can't you understand this?
Don't you want our love to last?

We rarely have five minutes
to appreciate eachother.
It seems all that I am to you
is a friend and your kid's mother.

That's not enough to make it.
I need for you to see.
I'm not trying to be difficult
and I don't want to be free.

I just want to know you need me
for more than just clean clothes.
I'm tired of feeling lonely.
Is that just how it goes?

Let's visit that old raft again
or we'll find a brand new spot.
I just need to feel the passion
of the love I know we've got.

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Comments (14)

Mary, this poem speaks volumes about relationships... a great reminder to get those sparks flying again before the fire goes out for good. Great poem! ! Brian
Dear Mary there has been so many times that I have wanted to put the Blanket on the Ground, and remember youths utopa.This poem has said it all and brought back so many memories. Cheers Sylvie
Dear Mary, I often think that as men we seem to be almost unable at times to see the world in the same way as women.But then I start to wonder if maybe it's just the timing of our feelings.I'll be honest i'm not sure.But I hope that you find continued love from the world.Love Duncan
Hey. Thought I would check out some of your work, and I really enjoy it. Your stanzas flow very nicely, and the poem speaks to me, as I'm sure it does to all who are trying to rekindle some lost passion. Nicely done. :)
mary, a real good poem..with excellnt wording...good job! ! ! well thankx for ur comment on mine...ASHKA