(August 02,1992 / Davao City)

Can You Be My Nobody?

It's so cold and
Nobody cares to give a hug
It's so dark and
Nobody cares to give some light
I'm so weak and
Nobody cares to give some strength
I wanted to cry but
Nobody cares to lend a shoulder
I'm so afraid and
Nobody seems to care
I am alone and
Nobody cares to join

Can you be my Nobody?
Would it be fine baby?
I have a lot of money,
Do you want it honey?
I'll give it to you freely,
Be merely my Nobody

I'm almost tired for
Nobody to arrive
Keep waiting for
Nobody to come
Tears are falling and there's
Nobody to wipe it dry

I'm standing so strong
Don't want to feel wrong
For i know my Nobody will come along.

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Comments (2)

'nobody' answers...i am nobody! clever :) naa ko bag-o poem nga haiku, hay (na) ko
You are right sis... there is always somebody for everybody! A 10.