Can You Come Clean

When you want me to tell the truth
But you're not willing to understand
Is it that you're a liar
Or do you fuss just because you can.

You always accuse me of something
But you can't explain where you've been
Then you do this check on me
And hide it behind a grin.

What makes you think I'm guilty
Just because you say so
When you never give account for your absence
You just walk back through the door.

I would rather walk away happy
Than to see you all confused
By your life's past misunderstandings
Of how you've been neglected and misused.

Since you can't come clean
Learning from your own mistakes
I'll just walk away and live
To give you and yourself a break.

Before you commit again
Remember it really does take two
For a relationship is meant to give you joy
And its not just all about you.

by Cecelia Weir

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