Can You Give Without Taking More?

My mind has been pulled apart
I have been dragged too and fro
Talked to many who just want release
Does it matter how I feel?

They want something I can give
But I dont feel what they believe
I can spin a tale that excites them
Pretend I feel it too....

I can no longer play this game
I no longer seek to be used
If you just want to take then goodbye
I can no longer give to you
Its time for me to take time out
Time for my regrowth.

My strength has dwindled
Now I only seek new strength
Are you willing to give and not take

The journey will be worth you joining
Can you give without taking more?

by Alison Smith

Comments (3)

Perhaps all you need is an ear that is prepared to listen. Really listen too, without needing to offer advice or rabbiting on about personal problems. I do believe we should all be given lessons in saying 'NO'. An interesting poem about a timeless subject. love, Allie xxxx
love the poem it is so true i can totally relate all of your poems are good lou
This poem ask a good question, people are always taking but never giving. I feel this write for now I say 'It's my turn ' my turn to release my stress on somebody, my turn to lol, Nice write