Can You Hear My Scream

I'm just a normal sort of guy
I laugh at funny things,
even things that may be just plain silly
I smile when I see children laughing,
playing, jumping, singing
I cry at movies sometimes,
trying to make sure no one notices
after all I am a tough guy right?
Well, I like to think so,
even if I'm not
I never expected much out of life
to sing, to dance, to hold the hand
of the one I loved
to play with my own children
and never stop the inner child in me
let me dream
let me wish
let me pretend sometimes
I always try not to get to high
not to get to low.
Things have a way of changing
not always for the best,
but bad times will leave
and good times will return as long
as you don't give up
as long as you keep trying
as long as you keep wishing.
Never stop hoping
listen to the music in your soul
it's playing for you
it may not be playing for everyone else
but it is playing for you
hear what it tells you
if you want to be an actor
go be an actor
if you wanna play in a rock and roll band
go play
never stop loving
anything that moves you
anyone who moves you
anyone who makes you think
drink it all
the science the music the beauty
never walk away
admit when you are going in the
wrong direction
even if it is only to yourself
so if you hear me scream
maybe it's because I just
discovered something
something about you
something about me
something about this world
so marvelous
so beautiful
so mysterious
something I will never stop trying
to learn about
and even though I know
I can never learn or understand
it all
I will never stop
and even though you have gone
you are still in
my thoughts
my dreams
my heart
so if you hear me screaming
it is my lonely heart
that will never
can never
let go
of you

by Gomer LePoet

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