Can You Imagine

Can you imagine?
A day without the sun!
Motionless Wind?
And sea without water?

Imperturbable calm blue.
No tree or life
Although the birds
But do not sing songs...

Bengali and Bengalee exist
Not Yet Tagore!


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Comments (10)

It is not nice poem.....nice thought.... ...........
The sheer beauty and charisma that is nature it is all around us drowning our senses in its sounds, views, touching us with its force of wind, rain or sun. Radiating life raw and beautiful to make our memories so real as nature is the star performer in the circus that is living! Beautiful write!
enigmatic one. thankyou for sharing.
The poem sounds simple enough, describing nature in a certain form, yet when read out loud, one can sense the emotion with which it was written. Deep. Great poem, Sriranji.
I enjoyed reading this poem, Thanks poet
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