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Can You Imagine?
SW (Midnight on July 31,1991 / Spring Branch> TEXAS :))

Can You Imagine?

A sky that’s not blue,
A dog with no tail,
A lie that is true,
A sea with no whale.
How could it be,
To love with no heart,
A leaf with no tree,
For the Pacific to part.
A toe that talks,
A thin sumo wrestler,
A giraffe wearing socks,
Never changing weather.
The clouds raining daisies,
To laugh with no sound,
Cowboys with out paisley,
Feet that don’t touch the ground.
An eye that shines teal,
The moon with no sun,
Bananas without peels,
Friends without fun.

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Comments (5)

If you can then you can write from a source of imagination, you did it, and you did it well Love duncan X
A pic. that grabs the corners of your mind and shows you ' what if? ' Perfect. ~Inkweaver
This definitely stirs the imagination Starr, cleverly put together nice rhyming too. Love Ernestine XXX
Starr, a lot of strange/absurd images leading to an ending that makes perfect sense of it all... well done! Brian
I love this poem and rated it deservingly. Thanks for your messages Starr. You are so young yet so talented. Isnt it amazing how our feelings are expressed? I will keep you on my list to check out.bye for now, x