Can You Love Me

Can you heal my heart
Can you save my soul
Can you wash away the black
And renew the old
Can you hold me close
Can you take my pain away
Can you stand here beside me
Until my dying day
Can you promise me forever
Can you give me your heart
Can you want me until the end
And trust that we won't fall apart
Can you be there when I hurt
Can you let yourself trust me
Can you keep me for eternity
But most importantly, Can You Love Me

by Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

Comments (2)

You express the deepest desire of the most compassionate lovers. You make a prayer that many of us have hidden in our hearts. This poem is so pure it is amazing. My soul is yours :)
Wonderful poem, wanting that special person to love you, nourish you, protect you, be there for you etc. etc. etc. This is as pure as love gets, being totally true to the one you love. A big (10) from me. Excellent---Melvina---