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Can You Really Get ''High'' On Life?
MN (11-08-1970 / )

Can You Really Get ''High'' On Life?

I'm tired of them asking ''What is it that you're on? ''
Why can't I just be happy with this life I've stumbled on?

My brother says that with each day he sees me it is worse.
He says he thinks my happiness is sorta like a curse.

He says he fears I'm losing touch with harsh reality.
I don't see what the problem is to live your life carefree.

So what if I start laughing when I hear a funny word?
Who cares if I can sit for hours to see a hummingbird?

He says ''Life isn't like that, it's ugly and it hurts.''
Yet, when this trouble looks at me, my soul's eye just averts.

I see the pain and heartache, I hear the hollow moan.
No one feels it more than me and sure, I've felt alone.

I just don't choose to dwell there, in sadness and in fear.
I have to see the good in things so I can persevere.

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Absolute Bliss this one .Why look for life in the dark when you can see it in the light.Amazing this Mary.We need this.! Love Duncan
Ooops, I stumbled into our mirrored life again. I have had friends ask me 'how can you be so happy when - - - - - is going wrong in your life? ' I just look at them and tell them that I refuse to dwell in that mess, but to rise above it.' Of course they call me Pollyanna, but I don't care - I'm happier than they are!
I love this poem. I wish there were a lot of people who would read it. Of course, my friend's dogs who I walk regularly, don't need to read it, because they know how to enjoy life! !
How did I miss this lovely poem - goodness, truth and beauty shine from it. And so tender with it too. Get out there with your reading, girl, and the world should thank you for being you as I do! Michael
Thanks Mary, the good things comfort me too
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