HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

Can You See?

Can you see inside?
How much that little girl cried.
She had no where to turn
And the hard way she was made to learn.

Can you see her sitting there?
So fragile an quiet in the chair.
She was not allowed to talk
Her every move was watched like a hawk.

Can you see the scars?
As she felt trapped behind bars.
She desperately needed help
But no-one heard her yelp.

Can you see the pain?
Through the shadows and the rain.
That poor child was put through hell
But it was hidden well so no-one could tell.

Can you see the sign?
That the young girl was far from fine.
She had to carry on
Her child-hood and soul were gone.

Can you see me yet?
As I emerge from the tangled net.
That little girl will always be
Buried deep inside of me.

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