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Can You See? , Will You Help?
AS (22nd February 1957 / Orange, New South Wales, Australia)

Can You See? , Will You Help?

Poem By Alison Smith

Can you see the wisp passing you by.
Searching for a place to be.
Can you feel the disturbance about.
As it sheds a tear.
Each dropp a missed chance.
There are many droplets.

It has been to heaven
But the way was barred.
There was much more it needed to do.
It has tried the path to hell
But again it was turned away.
It had not committed a crime.

It has passed over the sandy dunes
Had sand kicked in its face.
It has ploughed through the snow
Cold and without a home.

So now it drifts the roads
Looking for its path
Will you help the wisp?
Trying to find its way.

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