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Can You Tell Me?

Times were a lot different
when we were growing up
We said the pledge
before class started up

We prayed on the field
before the game would start
Everyone sang the anthem
with their hand over their heart

My daddy was tough
though he wasn’t real tall
He raised me right
out in Wichita Falls

We said I Love You
each night before bed
If you acted the fool
you got thumped on the head

When I was growing up
we didn’t run loose at the mall
We hung out with family
and had fun most of all

We used to cook out
on the old barbq grill
Climb the trees in the backyard
and play king of the hill

Our Fathers fought wars
so we could be free
They taught us to be
all that we could be

There will be another weekend
when we do it again
Get our families together
and have a drink with old friends

We’ll talk about our Dads
who aren’t around anymore
We’ll hug and feed everyone
that comes through our door

Times may have been different
way back when
But our Fathers did show us
how to be good men
To Love each other and our Country too
and thank the Lord …for all of you

Times were different
way back then
Have they really got better?
Can you tell me my friend?
Newer’s not better
that much we know
The older we get
the faster it goes

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