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Canadian Born
(10 March 1861 – 7 March 1913 / Chiefswood, Ontario)

Canadian Born

We first saw light in Canada, the land beloved of God;
We are the pulse of Canada, its marrow and its blood:
And we, the men of Canada, can face the world and brag
That we were born in Canada beneath the British flag.

Few of us have the blood of kings, few are of courtly birth,
But few are vagabonds or rogues of doubtful name and worth;
And all have one credential that entitles us to brag--
That we were born in Canada beneath the British flag.

We've yet to make our money, we've yet to make our fame,
But we have gold and glory in our clean colonial name;
And every man's a millionaire if only he can brag
That he was born in Canada beneath the British flag.

No title and no coronet is half so proudly worn
As that which we inherited as men Canadian born.
We count no man so noble as the one who makes the brag
That he was born in Canada beneath the British flag.

The Dutch may have their Holland, the Spaniard have his Spain,
The Yankee to the south of us must south of us remain;
For not a man dare lift a hand against the men who brag
That they were born in Canada beneath the British flag.

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TWO: I just like this poem very much. The poetess is proud of the country where she was born. The poem has a good meter and rhymes. Excellently well thought and created. Happy to be able to read such a poem. A true immortal poem. I am thankful to Poemhunter poem site, otherwise I'd never known about this loyal Canadian poet
Such a brilliant poem and excellently created with fine end rhymes. The poetess is proud to be a Canadian Born. I have enjoyed this remarkable poem with the repeating lines in rhyme. There's a precious importance to repeat that. I have read this since Emily Pauline Johnson's parents are a mixed couple a mixed mohawk father and an english mother. This poem is amazingly worded.
I LOVE IT.....................................................
From Sri Lanka I love this poem coz not only my husband is living in Canada, but I really love You Canada, one day I ll come to see you Canada.
This poem is so outdated I want to vomit. Beneath the British flag more people have disappeared in the last hundred years than anything the Nazis did. They tried genocide on the Irish for seven hundred years. Rwanda would make you hurl. Read The Other Holocausts for a better description of the horrors. In the meantime, I'm proud to be Canadian under the Canadian flag.
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