The Tragedy Of War...

The tragedy of war,
ends not with those who died
for the tragedy continues
in fragile minds who did survive.

For those who's names appear
on brass plaque or marble stone
are the only ones amongst us
for whom war is truly gone

The survivors of mans biggest crime
their wars will have no end
guilt, despair and bitterness
their constant hateful friend

It's hard to feel like hero's
no matter what you say.
when you're torn by guilt
that you're not the one,
in that green field far away.

So I say to leaders of this world
this nightmare should be gone.
Please realize once and for all
that a war is never won.

by A Thomas Hawkins

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TWO: I just like this poem very much. The poetess is proud of the country where she was born. The poem has a good meter and rhymes. Excellently well thought and created. Happy to be able to read such a poem. A true immortal poem. I am thankful to Poemhunter poem site, otherwise I'd never known about this loyal Canadian poet
Such a brilliant poem and excellently created with fine end rhymes. The poetess is proud to be a Canadian Born. I have enjoyed this remarkable poem with the repeating lines in rhyme. There's a precious importance to repeat that. I have read this since Emily Pauline Johnson's parents are a mixed couple a mixed mohawk father and an english mother. This poem is amazingly worded.
I LOVE IT.....................................................
From Sri Lanka I love this poem coz not only my husband is living in Canada, but I really love You Canada, one day I ll come to see you Canada.
This poem is so outdated I want to vomit. Beneath the British flag more people have disappeared in the last hundred years than anything the Nazis did. They tried genocide on the Irish for seven hundred years. Rwanda would make you hurl. Read The Other Holocausts for a better description of the horrors. In the meantime, I'm proud to be Canadian under the Canadian flag.
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