Canadian Girl

Dark clouds had just burst into rain,
I was alone, travelling in the train.
It was just beginning to gain speed,
I had with me Sunday newspaper to read.
The girl sitting opposite to me, started
To complain, as her seat faced backward.
I offered to exchange seats for her
In return I had to accept her offer.
Of buying coffee for both of us,
Friendship with this girl began thus.
I thought, she must be an American,
From her accent, but she denied to be one.
Her father was Scottish and mother Hungarian
But she considered herself as a proud Canadian.
We talked our way through the long journey
On drinks, it was my turn to spend money.

by Vikram G. Aarella

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Comments (13)

very good....God bless your friendship....
:) such simplicity but real value and meaning
Actually it's Kannadian girl not Canadian Girl. :)
han bus theek heee han. : -)
nice! ! ! the canadian girl made you spend your money -10 anjali
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