Canadian History In A Nutshell

We’ve made some mistakes,
like recently polluting our lakes
but we’ve done things really great.
Discovered on two risky trips in 1497 and 1534
later we were valued for our grains, our gold, and ore.
Our home now named ‘The New Land’
had quickly become high in demand,
our beavers’ were worn for style
and our prairies went on for miles.
We struggled through a mighty war:
The war of 1812.
One which sat right on our door,
but we strived to win through all it’s gore.
With the British leading at our side,
we began to feel Canadian pride
and after our victorious battle with the States,
Canada found too many peaceful traits…
So we claimed ourselves a neutral land,
and from here we took a peaceful stand.
We moved out from Britain’s house in 1867
and since then lived on our own piece of heaven.
Then a swell guy by the name John
In 1960 had the ‘Bill of Rights’ brought on.
The Great Depression in our land,
caused by a sudden dropp in demand,
claimed hardship for all
working to fight the economic fall.
We rose through that hard time at last
Though none could forget that awful past…
And suddenly in 1965,
We saw our proud maple leaf arrive.
It’s colour printed on a flag with red and white
Raised up a pole to fly like a kite.
Our Canadian name was known throughout:
‘The Great Land’ - there was no doubt!
Then 1980 swings around
And Canada’s national anthem is found!

by Ashley Fortin

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