Canary In A Coal Mine

C-anary in a coal mine
H-as kept you from peril;
R-emain fully vigilant
I-n the coming coldest chill.
S-ee the canary in a coal mine,
T-o be safe from any harm;
I-f you are always aware,
N-o way will wound touch your arm.
E-arly warning of danger,
J-eopardy's display of caution;
O-n the thirtieth of July,
Y-ou have God's protection.

P-repare for the threat,
A-n alarm sounds so loud;
L-ord God will burn all things,
M-aking them perish into the cloud.
O-pen your eyes to menace,
N-ever ignore the scupper's sign;
E-vade the detrimental risk,
S-ay the canary in a coal mine.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

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