' Cancer (10 Words) '

Poem By Marvin Brato Sr

Resting on bed
to greet visitors
my death!

Comments about ' Cancer (10 Words) '

I like the briefness of this poem. Truly sickness and death are two things we can't speak much about.
Yes sir, I used bears as verb (to show) not noun (animal) . Thank you for reminding!
i suppose this is supposed to be a serious and maybe sad poem, but i could not help thinking (after reading bears) about the fairy tale little red riding hood. in it a wolf, disguised as grandma, in grandma's bed, awaits an unsuspecting young granddaughter. the wolf plans to lure the girl close enough to the bed that the wolf can grab her and eat her! but i think Marvin may have been using bears as a verb, not a noun. who knows? i'll try to have time to look at some more of these little poems. thanks for sharing. :)

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