Poem By Alicia Meyers

I sit in the waiting room,
Anxious and nervous,
Waiting for my results,
To be shown.
When the doctor came in,
He had a sad face on,
I knew what he was going to say,
So looked away.
He said there was a problem,
Between the red and white cells,
I needed help,
I thought I was in hell.
I didn't want to lose my hair,
Didn't want to die so soon,
I hate having cancer,
I wish no one had it.
This disease is so hurtfull,
I barely can believe,
I'm still alive,
And still living.
Then one day,
In my hospital bed,
I was getting colder,
And my heart stopped beating.
I was in a better place,
Filled with angels in the sky,
I know I wont be hurt anymore,
But I miss my life on Earth.

Comments about Cancer

this is a wonderfull poem, let's hop no one will fall a prey to this deadly disease, , u have thrown light to the life hereafter, it is awesome, , , , keep it up, , write more, expecting new insertions from u

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