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You took my brother
You tried to take my mother,
With sickness you are a kaniver;
But, I will not let you win
I will laugh at you and I will grin,
As I am a true survivor.

If you want, you can make me sick
But, the bucket I won't kick,
Even if you cause me to lose my hair;
You I will mock and I will beat
I will not ever feel incomplete,
And I will not! live in sorrow and despair.

You took away my mom's breasts
You caused her to get sick from tests,
To you, that was probably just a joke;
You don't care who we are
You randomly pick us out from afar,
And you don't care, if we don't even smoke.

The question is, what will I do?
And what medicines will I choose,
Victory! is my only answer;
You are my enemy and my foe
From this life I will not just let go,
I hate you, and I despise you, my cancer.

Randy L. McClave

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