Cancer Rising

Mind called the meeting with just Heart and Lungs attending:

Mind said:
'What is the problem? '
Heart said:
'I had been pumping as usual last week bringing Blood
back and I noticed that I was a two pints short from the usual flow.'

Lungs said:
'I was pumping oxygen and I noticed it as well. There was a shortage, not enough blood was coming back.'

'So, ' Heart said 'I sent some white blood cells down to the liver to investigate.'
'And, ' Mind said.

'Well, Crystal came back, she is the While Blood cell leader and she said that 'we definitely have problem down there. We have two problems.' she said.

'And? ' Mind said.

'Well first Crystal reported she found a group of cells had all gotten together, just outside the liver and had started to grow out of control, so out of control that they blocked all of the blood flow to the liver such that less blood was getting to Liver and therefore, Liver couldn't do it's job.

'What happened then? ' Mind said.

'Crystal asked who was in charge and a man stepped up and said 'I am.
'His name was CC Crystal told me.'

'So what did this CC have to say for himself? ' Mind said

'He said that since he and his cell friends were pumping enzymes blood and other purfiers to Liver that they wanted to be paid.
Other cells joined in' CC said.
'And soon there were thousands and millions of them clamoring to be paid before they would spend time pumping blood.' Crystal said.

'Liver didn't know what to do.
But, Crystal said:
The more cells that joined CC's group the more of them that had to be paid such that the price kept going up and up and less and less blood was actually being pumped.

'Liver started to turn yellow, ' Crystal said.
'That won't do.' Mind said.

'Let's go down and have a talk with Mr. CC.' Mind said.

They all retired from the Brain and took the Blood stream down to the Liver which was looking pale and yellow indeed.

'Hi, ' Mind said, 'you don't look well.'
'Well, ' Liver said, 'I am not well. Look around me.

Mind looked around and saw cells dying in the area around the valves which fed blood to Liver.
'My God, 'Mind said, 'this is horrible.'

Suddenly off to the side he saw green blood cells, enormous in size coming toward the group.

'My God, ' mind repeated is that them.'

'Yes, ' Liver, said, 'they are enormous since they get most of the blood and then they want to sell it back to me at prices I cannot afford.
We have never charged for blood before Mind.'

'No, Liver, we have never charged for blood before.' Mind said.

Well, they are now, ' Liver said 'and here comes their leader CC.'
'What does CC stand for.' Mind inquired.

'Cancer Capitalist I think, ' Liver said.

'This won't do.' Mind said, 'at this rate and doing this doesn't he understand that the entire body will be dead in days? The germs and viruses will flood the entire system and Mr. CC will be dead along with the rest of us here in the body.'
'Obviously, 'Liver said 'he is not that smart.'

'We want our money, ' CC said approaching without greeting anyone 'and we want it now, ' ignoring MInd, Crystal, Heart and Lungs.

'Everyday, ' CC said we grow larger and have more and more need of more and more blood.'

Mind said 'CC, is that your name? '
'Yes, ' CC said, 'that is my name Mind.
And just before you start to lecture me, hear this. You mind need blood too and if never reaches Heart and Lungs you will suffer if you defy us.
We want our money. Pay up'.
'Well Mr. CC you seem like a smart fellow. Do you not realize that if we all die here, you will die as well.'

'Maybe, ' CC said 'but we have a plan to create a wall of cells around ourselves and survive and find another body to infect. We will live on, '

'I see, ' said Mind, 'you plan to take over the world one body at a time?

'One body at a time.' CC repeated.

Mind Heart, Lung and Crystal paused and then Mind said:
'Liver lets go over here and talk private.
Mr. CC we will get back to you in a second.'

To be continued

by Lonnie Hicks

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