A Thirst (Erotica)

secrets to tell
while away
fingers tingling
wanting taste
nectar of you

by Anita Sharma

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‘All habits, anti-nature, // Result in dreadful cancer, ‘ Caution s well presented poetically to awaken public. Mother Nature is our savior if we don’t go against Her. Ten++ dr.sakti. Please visit my page and comment and…if you please. Thanks for comments ds
What an excellent poem.I join with you, my distant friend, in prayer for those who are afflicted with this terrible disease. May God grant them peace. Take care. Warmest regards, Sandra
Excellent write up. Hope everyone will read this poem. Very informative.
Gripping piece of work, on a subject matter that almost everyone can relate to via a personal experience, be it themselves, like Charles, or someone close or dear to you.You have employed commendable crafting, here, RAJ, ....A Fine Penning, indeed ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''F j R
I give you a big 10 I suffered cancer many 30 years ago God decided to spare me, I have been in complete remission all these years. thanks for bringing to our attention charles garcia