Cancer Treatment '98

i got a visit from home and they asked how life has went and i replied
a smirk on their face the young boy ran away and cried
i was talking of a girl who stood on all fours and had yellow eyes
i told her of my dreams in the closest disease ive been through in past years
she gave me treatment and i spoke more often
i listened to her once it was the last day we talked about our paired up selves
she fell in her grave and i didnt watch
i sat alone in the cabin
it rained that night
i just excused myself from the alcohol and i walked into the waterfall
and i cried i cried over my life and now
i dont have the treatment anymore
shes dead gone in a box they sent her through
i paid my dues and bought a doomsday parade for all her lovers
but i missed the show
and just cried myself to sleep outside

by Wilkins Driver

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