I called him after long
-my Jewish student, Muscovite
-straight and honest, and forward

We talked of many things
-including Kosher
-and power of Rabbis
-few words "Turn on-off"

The same junk in Islam
-and "Haram" and "Halal"

What a joy it is to break walls
-sit and talk and make fun
-also learn of both sides

This time though
-I, in need of knowledge
-on his job,
-is expert

He was sad
-Sveta is away
-in Moscow
Her mother is sick
-with cancer

-told him
-with his name
-say hello to her and…

I showed him:
- "I am a brother…"

Some silence:
- "…regardless…"
-more silence
- "…of when, where…"

His reply was my joy.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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