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You go about the business of your life
Gulping great gusts of air
Emitting an exquisite light,
Lovely luminary.

Bioluminescence, your birthright
Heir to the contained and continuous
explosion of the sun-
Star stuff in singular form.

I swim my murky night-cave,
blinded by a dismal, desparing darkness.
Memories of what i used to see return
to stab my heavy (my hungry) heart.

And yet,
and yet...
I marvel at my sighted offspring-
I marvel at your light.

by Callie Carroll

Comments (7)

You definitely have an imaginative name....your study of the candle flame, scientificly explained was very intersting, too.A ten and wonderful poetry.
Wow-almost speechless! You are where I am striving to be poetically! Stay focused and keep this up!
Real poetry from the soul.
This poem is one that will repay long & careful study, rolling the words around the mouth & the ideas round the spirit... thank you.
Eclipses are always scenic wonderment - but we, the parent suns, remain a steady light source forever! A beautiful analogy none-the-less. Rgds, Ivan
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