Candid Lament Of A Broken Heart

Poem By Sabarinath Chelisery

The candid lament of a broken heart,
Thrown to the depths of the night;
I stood with the pieces of my dreams-
Abused beyond medication

It’s forgetting me forgetting you,
Your words burnt to smithereens;
Confetti of fake love, it is thrown
To the void of the darkest hour!

And then it was red, and then it was green,
But my journey was stranded forever;
Stuck in the crossroads of love and life;
Neither turning left, nor right …

Discovering me discovering you,
Beneath the multitudes of pretty facades;
Discovering blood, discovering flesh,
Beyond the layers of skin of shame …

And then it was sun, and then it was rain,
But it was the eternal infinite loop of pain;
A masochist’s pathetic fetish at play,
Operating in its barbaric ways …

O enchantress of kingdom unknown,
Was I your beautiful poetry of lie?
Was I the body of empty words you always utter?
Was I the hero of your cruel parody?

You painted me red, you painted me blue,
You painted me the shades of sky and sea;
You painted me white like the vanilla clouds,
You painted me gray like ash, o love!

The fragments of you and the fragments of me,
A cloud of thoughts in the outer space;
Cancelling out in the love-hate theory,
Dying in each other’s arms, o love!

Despair and longing tearing me apart,
Tearing apart the ‘you’ in me;
Tearing apart the ‘me’ in you-
Dwelling inside every bit of me

O enchantress of infinite power,
The keystone of my life’s dome magnifique;
Pieces of stone, I am, without you,
Rubbles and ruin I remain

Into the inferno of eternal doom,
The memories of you and your charm;
The sting of love and desperate longing
And the hopes forever buried

Burnt to the core and to you and within,
To every atom that shares this fate;
To every tiny lie that held it together,
To every bit of love that gave it life

Blown away as smoke are you
Like ash I remain, forever numb;
Forever tranquil in the whirlwind of emptiness,
Forever lost in the vividness of the dark!

The candid lament of a broken heart,
Thrown to the depths of the night;
I stood with the shattered bits of my life,
Tormented beyond repair

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Thanks Gajanan! Sure. I would love to read yours... :)
tormented beyond repair, good write, thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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