EHW ( / Denver, Colorado)


Soft, warm, gentle candle-glow... flame a-curl in th' breeze,
a-givin' light through th' fallin' snow, amongst th' deadened leaves.
A-shinin' as bright an' as much as it might-
a-lightin' a lovely an' snowy night.

Soft, warm, gentle candle-glow... a splendid Christmas feast,
a-waitin' th' comin' of family, from th' eldest to th' least.
Grandma's a-fixin' punkin pies, turkey an' cornbread dressin',
as Grandpa kneels to offer th' Traditional Christmas Blessin'.

Soft, warm, gentle candle-glow... an organ softly a-chimin',
children, hand-in-hand, 'round th' Christmas Tree-
a-flickerin' candles brightly a-shinin'...
Softly a-singin' 'Silent Night'-loveliest of Christmas Song-
while grown-ups gather at th' parlor door to sing or hum along.

Soft, warm, gentle candle-glow... th' Christmas Feast's now ready,
th' dressin's done, the turkey's carved...
here comes th' jelled cranberry!
Punkin pies to be sliced, a-waitin', crisp and brown-
'Come my children, ' Grandpa calls, ''tis time to gather 'round.'

Soft, warm, gentle candle-glow...fireplace a-burnin' mesquite,
a mother a-rockin' her little one, a-croonin' low an' sweet.
Th' Old Sandman'll soon appear, a-sprinklin' his Silvery Sand
as feathery snowflakes dance about-
a-carryin' him 'way to Christmas-Land.

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