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Poem By Dibakar Sarkar

Just like a candle in the wind
So does our life at sometime have to end
Many ideas are thrown in the air
Just because no one seemed to care
We wait for our time, for our moment to shine
And then it is too late
All those things you didn't create
How long will it take
Until I have to stop climbing this mountain of mine?
Never knowing when to stop
Always looking for the top
Constantly scared of when I fall
Never knowing when it would it happen at all
Always dreaming and never scheming
Never doing and always thinking
Always waiting for time to stop
So you can get on
And just like a flash of light you’re gone
All these thoughts
All these sounds
Confusing me
Constantly looking in the dark trying to see
Never knowing to open your eyes
Always finding it hard to perceive
But open them and you will see it
Then you will understand
You will understand.

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Hi Jeanne, The are a couple of typos to sort out, but this is a good universal poem, of our fear of life journey. The hurrying, the search, when all the time, it's right in front of us. 9 from Tai with her eyes wide open.