Candle Light Won't Be Quenched

In the murky dusk,
Holding lit candle in mom's hand,
Ease less standing by my side;
Ready to move to an unknown place,
In pursuit of job;
Held my hand, gazed;
Hugged me, kissed my head;
Dripping tears from her eyes,
Dwindled flame of candle light;
I pulled my hanky of pocket,
Wiped her wet eyes to dry,
"No mama, no mom, no more tears,
Watch the quenching light of candle,
Dwindling zeal by your wet drops;
You are the only hope of mine,
Bring smile in your face,
Bless me, spur my mind,
So I stand strong
In this jittering moment; "
Smile in mom's face, said,
"Too far, too far you go from me,
I know in this scarce employment world,
No choice,
But look for finding lively source,
But remember,
You shall be the only shore
Of my lonely life;
Visit me each time when free from work;
You are, only you,
Shall be in me, my heart and mind;
Be happy, be affluent wherever you live,
The candle light shall never be quenched,
As long as I am alive;
Shall always live for you,
And always live with you,
Even after I die;

© Sadashivan Nair

by Sadashivan Nair

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