('90 / America)


Dear girl,

Words are words, faulty things
One word can mean, well, anything.
You may say it in one sense
But other minds may bear it hence
And destroy your pretty phrase
With hoping, wishful, evil ways.

Dear girl,

As one who cares, let me be frank.
My face, in this, is often blank
But you do light little flames
And none but yourself is to blame.
Beware your candles, little girl.
Beware the twistings of the world.

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Sophia.... I tend always to have a look at the poems of anyone who takes the trouble to comment on mine. I am gald I did. You seem to have a vision and a style of expressing it that is both original and beyond your numerical years. In this poem you also seem to be able to deliver a 'twist' to great effect and with economy of words. Impressive stuff. Emerson (Ralph Waldo) spoke about the need to get the working life in tune with the song of our heart - I wish for you that wherever your future career takes you, it has vistas of space for you to populate with the words and pictures you conjure which are so evocative. Tony
* * * * *(five stars) The second verse really holds the message...