.....Candle Of Wax

'In the memories of Baydiza Kharel 1986 - 2006 '

No matter how long I cry
No matter how hard I try
Nobody said they lie
About that painful fact
There is candle without a light
& I feel so helpless
I can't light on that candle

Oh God! Yours Law
Some survive with the luck
Some hit by the wind
Where time press on
No matter how..
One day it have a end..
God, Yours Rules

Ya, my friend, I remember
All that memories of yours
That day,
When you want to go away
You promised and you said
The candle of our friendship
Will burn till the end..
Ya, you are right
It burning now,
In my heart without a light

Oh god!
Candle of wax...
That bright light
Turn into the black
& I can't follow your track
Everything dark, seems so vacant
I cry lot that past is not present

Now I can't see you,
But I feel you here
In my soul
Now I can't hold you
But the memories of your
I will hold forever
Oh god!
I can't tell you...
How much I miss you....
I miss you so..

Angel of the heaven
Playing with the cloud
Touching all the star
Ya, you are smiling down
The place form so far

Don’t worry at all
Just play...with the energy
And we will burn brightly
For your dreams...till the end

by RJSH Shrestha

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