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Candled People
DRC ( / Groveland, Florida)

Candled People

Candled people lined along the wall in animated merriment;
Their flashing faces all aglow.
Silhouetted shadows dancing in exaggerated mime,
Waxing to a fettered tune, consumed by an elusive time.

Burdened by the brilliant glare;
Shadowed by the passing light.
Never knowing that the merriment
Is as fleeting as the night.

With the dawning of the day those moltened figures waxed their way.
No more to dance and flash about;
Ceaseless time has caused them to be spent,
And they have lost all merriment.


Where went the Spring?
When did the Autumn start
In this life sublime?
Tell me when the first robin left
And I will tell when the first leaf fell.

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